Monday, August 21, 2006

19th August 2006

Birding very predictable and dull!
50 Sand Martin and perhaps 15-20 House Martin, most of the later probably being made up of mostly local breeders. Although, apart from 3 birds prospecting on Mountgrove Rd,I have not seen any active nests locally.
2 Common Sandpiper on the west Reservior and also a single Kingfisher on that section of the New River.
Wildfowl on the East Reservior made up of Gadwall, Tufted and Ruddy Duck, Pochard and 8 Shoveler. The ubiquitous Coot and Moorhen. Numbers of Cormorant remain high (perhaps 30 birds) indicating good fish stocks. Gull numbers low 1 BH Gull and perhaps 2-3 fly over LBB Gull. No Common Tern. Reed Warblers still present in good numbers.
1 Canada Goose had been taken by the local foxes... they were still eating it.
A few Swift noted high on the evening of the 19th and 20th.

Laurence Pitcher