Monday, June 04, 2007

early june update

Apologies to regular visitors for the lack of activity over the last few weeks, and indeed during the spring as a whole; other, more pressing (and important) priorities have taken over most of my time of late. Somewhat ironically, completing an Ornithology HND over these last few weeks has involved very limited time out with the birds, but with the end in sight, normal service should be resumed within a week or two.

Thankfully (for me anyway) it's been a very quiet spring in the area, and so I haven't missed too much as I glance disconsolately out of the study window......

The only notable reports from the last couple of weeks, in the Stoke Newington area anyway, was of a Lapwing at the East Reservoir, and a Peregrine over, on the 6th June. Both species are recorded on average a few times each year.

Otherwise, regular visits to Clissold Park and the Cemetery have produced little of note, with most records relating to the expected breeding species.