Tuesday, July 24, 2007

mid-July (summary)

As expected at this time of year, visits to the usual sites during mid-month provided little of note to report, but for the expected breeding species and their fledged young, and a few signs of 'autumn' migration beginning.

Walthamstow Marshes continues to entertain, especially regarding butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies (more of which soon, with recent photos to follow); otherwise, notable sightings included a second record of Little Egret, again a pair, on the 12th (with two Common Gulls on the same day), a small movement of House Martins on the 17th, when at least 60 moved through in an hour, and single Swallow and Lesser Whitethroat on the same day. Finch flocks continue to enjoy the meadow-like habitat of the open areas, and Black-headed Gulls are again omnipresent.

Stoke Newington sites remain very quiet, with little more than the regular presence of up to three Common Sandpipers (and one Green on the 20th) at the Reservoirs. However, with the first post-breeding movements and dispersals beginning to filter through, efforts at the Reservoirs and elsewhere will step up accordingly, so hopefully it won't be too long now before slightly more interesting reports appear on this site.....