Friday, September 07, 2007

7th September 2007

Clissold Park 1815-1900 MJP, AJD
warm, still, sunny.

Firecrest - 2
Goldcrest - 3

Spot the sprite in these lousy photos.....

Back from three days in Wales, playing shows and camping in the Black Mountains, in time to catch the warm evening sunshine in Clissold Park, and not one but two Firecrests. One was reported earlier in the day by the cafe, and Laurence (Pitcher) strongly suspected a second bird was present, calling nearby; this evening, it took less than a minute to locate both birds, feeding together in the Yew a few metres in from the Park's Church Street entrance. Both gave great views, calling regularly and remaining very approachable despite a lot of disturbance nearby. (Thanks to Laurence for the tip off.)

After a lovely couple of days surrounded by the best of Wales' birds and countryside, come Monday I'm out on Corfu for a week or so; while it's a productive time over here re: migration, well, I think I'll probably cope.