Monday, August 14, 2006

13th August 2006

With strong NE winds and sudden heavy showers the weather was nothing if not lively.
The main feature of today's birds was the presence of c200-220 Martins, made up of 80% Sand Martin and the rest House Martin. There was also a maxima of 2 Swifts present over the East and West Reserviors.
During the heavy showers, Sand Martins gathered in the reed beds fringing the East Reservoir, creating an iconic image of migration even in deepest Hackney!!.
Bird of the day goes to a Hobby which sent terror through the Martin flock as it singled out a victim from the group.
A very welcome addition to the local list for me and another credit to this inner London space for providing quality birds.

Usual numbers of wildfowl, Coot etc. At least one new brood of Mallard and Ruddy duck, infact 3-4 male Ruddy's still actively displaying. Many Cormorant present 30+. Reed Warblers begining to venture out of the reed bed and into berry bearing bushes.

Common Sandpiper 3
Red crested Pochard 2
Shoveler 3
Sparrowhawk 1