Monday, August 07, 2006

5th August 2006

A large scale Swift "clear out" took place on the 31st July. Only stragglers and migrants now present. Very little else bird wise, a Lesser Whitethroat was seen within the boundary of the east reservoir on the 4th August. Despite a long staying male holding teritory into late spring breeding was not confirmed this year. Most ducks are now in full moult, Black headed Gull numbers are slowly increasing to c10-15 birds. Ruddy Ducks are still displaying and the Common Tern "traffic" still evident.

Banded Demioselles are still dancing around the wooden bridge at the start of the new river path near Green Lanes, Brown Hawker, Migrant Hawker and Black tailed Skimmer Dragonflys all seen along the New River path. Also the newly discovered Small Red Eyed Damselflys can be seen with ease along the New River path west reservoir side. Waterlevels very high dashing any hopes of an exciting wader. 2 impressive Volucella Zonaria hoverflys seen on budliea along the path.
"Of note" a high flying raptor seen from Clissold Park (without optics) looked good for Common Buzzard but eluded conclusive ID on the 6th August.

Laurence Pitcher.